producto tecni nova: esta semana, sillones con estilo

#01 sillones con estilo, esta semana os mostramos tres de nuestros sillones con más historia, piezas clásicas con un estilo propio y eterno.

#01 armchairs in style, this week we show you three of our most historic armchairs, classic pieces with their own and eternal style.
producto tecninova · tecninova product

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Important notes

Tecni Nova, s.l.u. provides judicial protection for its creations, through the acquisition of industrial property rights by means of the inclusion of this producs in the Register of the desingns and industrial models regulated in the Statute on Ïndustrial ownership Royal Decree Law, July 26, 1929 and Law 11/1986 dated March 20 of Patents. This system permits the exercising of exclusive rights of fabrication, commercialization and graphic dissemination of thir records and to establish whatever judicial actions considered appopiate in defense of and aginst plagerism of thir models that could be carried out by any third party. The company reserves the right to make any modification to its models, on condition that this is in order to make improvements.

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